Nesara/Gesara Zim Dollar Revaluation Meeting Preparation

When it comes to your revaluation meeting to exchange your Zim dollars it is worth being prepared and have everything ready so you can easily communicate what you wish to do to help the world and to get the most money possible to do it! We have provided a simple plan for you to take with you. Simply print it off and fill it in and set your intentions clearly and easily. We have added an option to join forces with us and work together so you dont have to do everything on your own and you can get some help and guidance if you would like it! If you would then contact us! We look forward to working with some of you very much in the near future! Also make sure the check out The Gesara Club! 

Currency Revaluation Exchange Declaration of Intent Document for Humanitarians


I __________________________________ do solemnly swear to uphold the agreements herein full to the best of my ability and faithfully knowing that my failure to do so will result in me forfeiting my right to any further monetary benefits granted to me in this agreement.

I am seeking the highest monetary amount possible in order to rebuild a better word for the benefit of the people, by the people, for the people. I indefinitely declare that 9_.__% of the money that I receive will go towards the goals I wish to achieve for humanity with humanitarian acts as discussed below.

In relation to the humanitarian work I will undertake I wish to help the people in the places below with the humanitarian issues highlighted below by: Forming my own charitable services / Working in alliance with www.TheHumanityProject.Club

Humanitarian issues to be addressed, where and for the benefit of whom: 








Yours Sincerely,




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