The Self

Love Club 

Check out The Self Love Club by Tara Love Perry and take a look at the amazing healing course she offers and the opportunities available with her! She has a lot of awesome information to share online, in her books and a great videos too! “I Love You, Me”

A Message From Tara Love Perry

Please accept my humble invitation to partner with us in a very powerful and transformational opportunity I’ve created! ?? It’s called the ?Self Love Club?, a monthly membership community that over delivers on self love, self realisation, self liberation, self actualisation and profound transformational healing shifts for everyone who joins.

I think we’d make perfect partners because we’re all on the same mission – Immediate Global Shift of Consciousness, Love, Well being and Wealth for our human family ???

I’m asking you specifically because I know, love and trust you, and when loving, caring people like us succeed we help the whole world change for the better!?

When you share Self Love Club you with your friends, family, followers and customers, you not only fill in the ‘missing peace’ of Self-Love in their lives, but you also earn 30% reward on every successful referral, every month. ? 

It’s a very elegant passive income system, with a 2nd tier reward as well, which means that when you share this with others like yourself who join our mission, we reach more people, and everyone prospers very well together!! Team work makes the dream work!?? it’s only £9.99 a month, (less when you sign up for a year) FREE when you sign up 3 other people and everyone can get started with a 30 day FREE TRIAL! ?????

A large chunk of my company profits goes directly back in to creating and distributing free “ I Love You, Me” materials and learning resources for children and young people, as they are my heart and passion in this world. I also donate to ALALA charity for orphans and The Humanity Project.

I believe that Self Love Club is the most beautiful, powerful, simple and fast way to self love awakening and prosperity for everyone who gets involved ? Will you please take a look and see if it resonates with you?

I’ve covered all bases, all membership content, affiliate tools, follow up and success support is provided ? making it super easy and simple for you to Join, Share, Serve & Earn ?????

Thank you for reading! So much love and blessings to you, Tara Love Perry ❤️

Ps, let me know if you want to join! It’s free for the first 30 days so you can try it and see! Remember to sign up as an affiliate too, so you can here going on sharing and earning. My team are here to support you ????? One world ❤️ One humanity ❤️ One Love ❤️