The Crypto Way To World Freedom In The Quantum Financial System

We have figured out a complete solution to one and then pretty much all of the worlds problems and it is explained as clearly and simply as possible here and it doesn’t take a genius to work out what will happen if we all start doing this! If you think this is right then get involved and lets use money and love and unity to create a better world! 

Money they say is the root of all evil, but what if it was also our salvation? We know we need to fix the world and make it a better place, we know we need to start locally and globally together.

Many of us know with lots more love and unity in the community we can achieve all of this very easily! But there are many things that stop us or slow us down and hold us back from evolving and creating better systems and ways of doing things that work for everyone, everywhere.

Money is one if these things because of several reasons but mainly because 90% of us all have to work and most importantly give most of our time and energy working in order to have enough money to pay for our every day living and take care of ourselves and our families.

How do we change that? Can you imagine if we didn’t have to live like this and we were all financially free? We could be, if we work together and this is how it works…

We can change everything very easily! It all begins with something called Nodes! Nodes are Crypto connected and they generate 0.1 strong coins for example every 24 hours 365 days a week for aslong as those coins are in use.

So basically aslong as the coins like Bitcoin and others are going this will continue going along with it. The process is a little bit like mining except no electricity is used and it is 100% guaranteed to increase by 0.1 every day! 

To get involved and make this happen you do need to invest in 10 X strong coins for example and some set up fees etc and depending and what you decide to go for depends on the cost of this it can vary from small amounts under £50 to thousands of pounds and the daily payouts also vary very similarly.

For example, a friend of mine invested approx £3000 and his nodes are paying out around £750 a week, so he got his money back in 4 weeks and now hes still getting 750 a week for God knows how long, some people have been doing this for a couple of years!

Another friend has been doing this for around a year now and he started off with a few thousand initially and now he has re invested some of his returns and bought more nodes and he is up to around 25 nodes and currently getting £1500 every single day!

So as you can see there is clearly a lot of money to be made residually and paid out daily if you like for the foreseeable future!

But is about more than just money!

This is a tool to give you and all people freedom to replace your jobs and give you the time to spend your life and your time and your money doing all the things you have always wanted to do and the things you love, with those that you love! Would this be like a dream come true? It can very quickly and easily become yours and everybody’s realities…

But again it is about more than just money!! This will be much more than just that!!!

You can connect this to your bank account if you want to, but you don’t even need to for most things! You can now get a crypto currency card that is used on the visa/debit card systems!!!!!

Meaning you can have your daily or weekly or monthly funds from your nodes paid into your account or whenever you choose! Also meaning you can pay for your shopping in stores or online anywhere and for anything you would usually use your debit or credit card for!!! This is huge!!!

So lets say you got 6 nodes like mine and you get around £2200 every month for the foreseeable future and you can spend it on a card or transfer it to your bank and take cash out like normal and have complete freedom!!!

But again it doesn’t stop there! The possibilities go much much further into helping everyone, everywhere! What happens if everyone/every community had enough nodes to give us all a decent existence with a choice to continue working for someone else or to live as you would if you could be free?? We can all have this choice! Here is how…

When we create our own Humanity Crypto Coin, We launch the coin like most coins are launched and it ends up on the exchanges. We create our own Nodes. We allocate 11 million coins for each person alive on the planet so there is always an abundance of coins available. We also allocate 11 thousand nodes for each person alive on the planet so there is also an abundance of nodes available.

For example, my 3 Nodes generate about £1000 per month so if we had a humanity coins/nodes project then we could give for example 15 nodes to Kaslue and the 84 orphans we support in Uganda so they get £5000 every month for them to build a better community and grow food and provide medicine and every thing needed to become self sufficient and also over productive and able to export, sell, give away food and other goods to other communities in need.

When you look at the bigger picture we could use this to create our own new schools paid for by our nodes and hospitals paid for by our nodes and security paid for by our nodes and everything we currently depend on the powers that be for we can be completely free and not dependent on them for anything at all!!!!!

All we need to do is come together locally and globally in our communities and start funding everything ourselves through nodes and then build our own foundations to freedom and a better way of life and a better future with more love, harmony and abundance!

We are creating a mini course, in depth course with community ongoing support and access and a DFY service teaching you exactly what were doing, how much were making and how you can copy us and learn yourself!

We will also use this to fund the revolution, fund the community, and create the first humanity project and show the world how we can be completely self sustainable and independent and non reliant on the governments and all of the control structures currently in place and also use their systems to help us integrate these solutions we have to fix everything once and for all!

What do you think??? If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in then join our social media groups (Telegram etc) from our communications page and we will keep you updated when we have put together our courses for you to all join us on the new money train and in the new world, which is going to be much better than this one and much better than any of us could have ever dreamt of!

See you all on this inside!