The Humanity Project: Take the Humanity Challenge

Some benefits you get from taking the Humanity Challenge

1 month free self love inside club access for everyone, free for life if you rise to the challenge! Over $100,000 of prizes to be won! Everyone gets two free t-shirts of your choice from our shop, one for rising to the challenge and one more for your birthday or Christmas! You also get a 20% discount code for life! Everyones a winner with regular monthly prizes! The more you share the love the more you earn and win too…

Who do you love? What do you love? Take the Challenge and make a short fb video to say something like this for example:

“I took the Humanity Challenge because I love my mom and my dog” and to me they are worth saving because I love them more than the world!”

You don’t have to make a video!!! You can share on social media and in messages or by telling people however you like!

Tell everyone what you love and why it’s worth saving – take the challenge and share it with everyone you love!

#onlyloveconquersall #saveourchildren #wwg1wga

Once you have completed the challenge you can tell everyone how you did, how much you raised and something like this…

“I completed the challenge! I am donating the extra money I raise every month to my local dogs home because I love dogs more than people! That’s how I pay it forward! Also I met lots of like minded people in the self love club and project communities and I am happy to support each other! I love it! Thank you everyone lets save the world together!”

We just need good people like you to rise up to the challenge and lead the way and together we have definitely got this! We even made it super easy for everyone! Or the creator did… once you have done the challenge you can feel proud to have done something great for the world and welcome to our loving communities! We hope you love the benefits and everything that comes with it…

Warning Caution! Action required! Urgent attention!

If we don’t do something about all of this now, well watch “Seaspiracy” on Netflix and sea for yourself! 2031 is the point of no return…
Sea the Netflix’s “Seaspiracy” viewers reactions to the commercial fishing industry expose
>>> click here <<<

Our time is running out, we have 10 years to change this or nobody will survive, if the oceans die so do we! I would say we will all be sleeping with the fishes but there wont be any left… #fishlivesmatter

Countdown to 2031 the point of no return!


If we fail this is how long we all have left to live! (2048)


We have the complete solutions to this and all of the rest of the problems!!! Read the book on the home page and watch the Bitchute video below it and again see for yourself!

We have the answers, we know what we need to do! The only thing we need now is you, the people, to join us and take some action and come together and make the changes that we all want and need to see in the world! We need to make it happen ourselves! Nobody is going to do it for us! So please look below, take some action and join us and lets make this happen, together we have got this!!! #oneracethehumanrace

Do it for yourselves, do it for the love of your families, do it for the children. Only love & unity conquers all! So lets unite for the love and for the sake of us all, together we got this!

Step 1: Spend about 60 – 90 mins and read the one day movement book/plan and watch the Bitchute video below it to understand what we are doing and so you can sea how it works and where you would like to fit in…

Step 2: (Optional) Join us on all platforms, subscribe to our email lists on the pop up, links are on the homepage and download our app…

Step 3: (Optional) Book in to play the empower in an hour game with Anthea and the empowering angels o:) its free and everyone loves it! Find the angels o:) on our friends page.

Step 4: Support yourself and support us by signing up for the self love club I love you, me course by Tara Love Perry and get the first month of content for free!

Step 5: Get 3 other people to take and complete the challenge in the first month and the £9.99 monthly subscription is free and you get access to the full course and all the benefits completely free!

Get 4 or more people to complete the challenge and it pays you about £3+ a month extra, so you can pay it forward to a good cause of your choice if you like! The more you share the love the more you earn, the more it helps us to help you! We will also be giving you awesome regular amazing prizes for the best video of the month and much more! Doing this everyones a winner…

Step 6: (Optional) Then it’s time to take action and learn to heal and love yourself, love the world, find your true inner self and all the many benefits you get from the course and joining us, empower yourself with the help of the empowering angels and become active in our communities, many people are finding their purposes its changing lives!

Step 7: Organise ourselves and grow together as a collective and fund our projects to get the first small town created and show the world what we can really do when we work together and how this is the way forward and we begin creating heaven on earth…

Step 8: Once everyone can see this is how we do it, and the support, funding plus the extra funding and opportunities from the first new mini super economy that we create is there this will help us grow and expand and fund similar projects all over the world and very quickly we can take our planet back and finish creating heaven on earth helping all of the people in the whole world to live in an abundant, peaceful, loving, safe, free world… contributing, putting the love and unity back in the community!


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