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The Humanity Project:
Location Uganda.

Check out The Humanity Projects first location and people we have been trying our best to help and will continue to do so in the future. Kaslue Isaac has been helping local homeless children who don’t have any families to help them to survive in Busika, Uganda for years.

Kaslue helps to feed, educate and take care of the children by meeting their every day needs and they all go to a Christian Jehovah church every Sunday and pray that the world and the people help them to live and build a community together where they all share everything especially the love!

I have been helping in anyway I can but I cant meet all their needs on my own at this moment in time πŸ™ – they only need about $600 a month for all the food and basics, so if you would like to help them too please click the button below! A big thank you from me, Kaslue and the 80+ children depending on us!

The One Day Movement Book

To find out exactly what we need to do to completely change the world as we know it for the better please checkout the book on Amazon Kindle. 100% of ALL proceeds go to The Humanity Project for us to build the first community!

We only need to build the first one and like McDonalds they will pop up everywhere around the world very quickly helping Billions of people! This will help everybody, not just the homeless and those living in poverty but also the average family and eventually and the whole planet! This is the only way we can change the world, it has to be with kindness and love and unity!

Self Love

Check out The Self Love Club by Tara Love Perry and take a look at the amazing healing course she offers and the opportunities available with her! She has a lot of awesome information to share online, in her books and a great videos too! β€œI Love You, Me”


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