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A Conversation With The Creator

Try to wrap yourself around this idea: People have the right to basic survival even if they do nothing even if they contribute nothing. Survival with dignity is one of the basic rights of life. There are enough resources to be able to guarantee that for everyone all we have to do is share.

What would happen to people? What would stop them wasting their lives and idly hanging around effectively collecting benefits?

Firstly, its not up to you to judge what is a life wasted. Is a life wasted if a person does nothing but lie around thinking of poetry for 70 years and composes a single sonnet that opens a door of insight for thousands of people?

Is a life wasted if a person lies, cheats, schemes, damages, manipulates and hurts others all his life but then remembers something of his true nature as a result of it? Remember something he has perhaps spent lifetimes trying to remember and thus evolves at last to the next level, is that life wasted?

Its not for you to decide the journey of another soul, its for you to decide who you are. Not for you to decide who another has been or will be.

So you ask What would happen to people? What would stop them wasting their lives and idly hanging around effectively collecting benefits and the answer is nothing. 

But do you really think this would work? You don’t think the ones who are contributing would begin to resent those who are not?

Yes they would, those who are not enlightened. Those who are enlightened would look upon those who don’t with great compassion because the contributors would realise that non contributors are missing the greatest opportunity and the grandest glory the opportunity to create and the glory of experiencing the highest idea of who they really are and the contributors would know that this was punishable enough for their laziness if indeed punishment were required which its not.

But wouldn’t those who are contributing be angry at having the fruits of their labour taken and given to the lazy ones?

All would be given minimal comfortable survival portions, those who earn more would be given the opportunity to contibute 10% of what they earn to make all this and much more possible. As to how income would be decided the open market place would determine the value of one’s contribution just as it does today in most countries.

Then we would still have rich and poor as we do today and that’s still not equality!?

But it is equal opportunity because everyone will have the opportunity to live a basic existence without worries of survival. Everyone would be given the equal opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and use his or hers natural talents in the joyplace.

The joyplace? Yes that’s what the work place would now be called.

But wouldn’t there still be envy?

Envy yes, jealousy no. Envy is a natural emotion urging you to strive to be more. It’s the two year old yearning to reach that door knob her big brother can reach. Theres nothing wrong with that. Theres nothing wrong with envy, it’s a motivator, it is pure desire it gives birth to great. Jealousy on the other hand is a fear driven making one willing for the other to have less. It is an emotion based on bitterness. It preceeds from anger and leads to anger and it kills, jealousy can kill. Anyone whos been in a jealous triangle knows that. Jealousy kills, envy gives birth. Those who are envious will be given every opportunity to succeed in their own way. No one will be held back economically, politically or socially. Not by race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Not by region of birth, class status or age. Discrimination for anything will no longer be tolerated. There will still be the rich or the poor, but there will no longer be the starving and the destitute. The incentive wont be taken out of life. Merely the desperation.

But what will guarantee we will have enough contributors to carry the non contributors??

The greatness of the human spirit. The average person will not be satisfied with subsistence levels and nothing more in addition the whole incentive for greatness will change with the second paradigm shift, the spiritual shift takes place.

What will cause such a shift? It hasn’t happened yet in the 2000 years of human history!

With the elimination of the need to succeed in order to secure a modicum of security there will be no reason to achieve, to stand out, to become magnificent save the experience of magnificence itself.

And that will be sufficient motivation?

The human spirit rises it does not fall in the face of true opportunity, the soul seeks a higher experience of itself not a lower. Anyone who has experienced true magnificence even if only for a moment knows this.

How about power? There would still be those with higher levels of wealth and power?

Financial limits would be imposed. Just as there will be a lower limits level of income so would there be a upper limits. Firstly everyone would tie 10% of their income to the world government this is the voluntary contribution already mentioned. When the shift in consciousness occurs everyone will see this is for the benefit of all humanity. I have no preference in the matter of how you conduct your life, my only desire is that you experience yourselves fully as creative beings so that you might know who you really are. In enlightened societies the putting aside of a set amount of what one receives which you call income to be used for the general good of society itself is a common practice under the new system were exploring for society everyone would earn as much each year as they could and they would retain what they earn up to a certain limit which would be an arbitory limit which would be agreed by everyone. Anything above that limit would be contributed the world charitable trust in the name of the contributor so all the world would know its benefactors.

What would be the incentive for people to keep working once they reached their income limit?

Some will, some wont, so what? Mandatory work above the income limit with contributions to the world charitable trust would not be required. The money saved from mass production of weapons and war would be sufficient to supply everyone’s basic needs and would elevate all of society not just the chosen few to a new level of dignity and abundance. The contributions above the set limit would provide such joyful opportunity and satisfaction for everyone that jealousy and social angers would disintegrate. So, some would stop working, especially those that saw their activity as real work. Yet those who see their activity as absolute joy would never stop. Joy in the workplace has nothing to do with function and everything to do with purpose. The mother who wakes up at 4am to feed her hungry baby understands this perfectly. She tends to the baby and for all the world who is looking it doesn’t look like work at all. Yet it is her attitude and intention with regard to it, it is her purpose taking this activity which makes the activity a true joy. The example of mother hood is a good example because the love of a child is as close as you may be able to come to understanding some of the concepts of which I’m speaking.

But I don’t understand the purpose of limiting earning potential, wouldn’t that rob the human experience of one of its greatest greatest opportunities and its greatest adventures?

No because you would still have the opportunity of adventure and earning a ridiculous amount of money. The upper limit will be very high more than the average person would ever need and the amount you earn would not be limited, simply the amount you choose to retain for personal use

The remainder say everything over 25 million a year for example would be spent for programs and services benefiting all humankind. As to the why of it, the upper limit would be a reflection of the consciousness shift for the planet, an awareness that the highest purpose of life is not the accumulation of the greatest wealth but the doing of the greatest good. The concentration of wealth not the sharing of it is the largest single factor in the creation of the worlds most persistent and striking social and political dilemmas.

But the opportunity to amass unlimited wealth is the cornerstone of the capitalistic system! A system of free enterprise and open competition that has produced the greatest society the world has ever known!

The problem is you really believe that! Those who do believe that are terribly deluded and see nothing of the current reality of the planet.

In the USA the top 1.5% hold more wealth than the bottom 90%. The net worth of the richest 834,000 people is almost a trillion dollars greater than the poorest 84 million combined. Most people tend to see class status as a function of individual effort, some have “made good” so you assume that anybody can. That view is simplistic and naive, it assumes everyone has equal opportunity when in fact in every country around the world the rich and powerful strive and contrive to hold onto their money and their power and to ensure they increase it.

So? Whats wrong with that!?

They do so by systematically eliminating competition, by institutionally minimising true opportunity and by collectively controlling the flow and the growth of wealth. This they accomplish through all manner of devices, from unfair labour practices which exploit the masses of the worlds poor to network competitive practices which minimise and all but destroy a new comers chances of entering the inner circle of the successful. Then they see to control public policy and government programs around the world to further ensure that the masses of people remain regulated, controlled and subservient. In most cases it isn’t rich individuals who do it, it’s the social systems and institutions they represent. Those social systems and institutions were created by the rich and powerful and it is the rich and powerful who continue to support them. By standing behind such social systems and institutions individuals can wash their hands of any responsibility for the conditions that oppress the masses while favouring the rich and powerful.

For example, lets go back to healthcare in America. Millions of Americas poor have no access to preventative medical care. One cannot point to any individual doctor and say this is your doing, this is your fault that in the richest nation on earth millions cannot get in to see a doctor unless they are in dire-strates and go to an emergency room. No individual doctor is to blame for that, yet all doctors benefit. The entire medical profession and every allied industry enjoys unprecedented profits from a delivery system which has institutionalised discrimination against the working poor and the unemployed. That is just one example of how the rich keep the rich rich and the poor poor. The point is that it’s the rich and powerful that support such social structures and staunchly resist any real effort to change them. They stand against any political or economic approach which seeks to provide true opportunity and genuine dignity to all people.

Most of the rich and powerful individually are certainly nice enough people, with as much compassion and sympathy as anyone but mention a concept as threatening to them as yearly income limits even ridiculously high limits such as 25 million a year and they start whining about usurpation of individual rights, erosion of the American way and lost incentives. Yet what about the right of all people to live in minimally decent surroundings, with enough food to keep from starving and enough clothing to stay warm. What about the right of people everywhere to have adequate health care, the right not to have to suffer or die from relatively minor or medical complications which those with money overcome with the snap of a finger.

The resources of your planet including the fruits of the labour of the masses of the indescribably poor who are continually and systematically exploited belong to all the worlds people not just those who are rich and powerful enough to do the exploiting.

Here is how the exploitation works, the rich industrialists go into a country or an area where theres no work at all, where the people are destitute and there is abject poverty. They set up a factory there offering those poor people jobs, sometimes 12 or 14+ hours a day jobs for substandard and sub human wages. Not enough to escape poverty just enough to live barely with hardly any food or shelter at all and when called upon the capitalists say hey they got it better than before don’t they? We’ve improved their lives, the people are taking the jobs aren’t they? We brought them opportunity and were the ones taking all the risk. But how much risk is there paying someone under a dollar an hour to make footwear that will sell for $125 a pair, is this risk taking? Or exploitation pure and simple. It’s a system and insanity that exists only in a world motivated by greed. A world where profit margin not human dignity is the first consideration. Those that say that relevant to the standards in their society those peasants are doing wonderfully are hypocrites of the first order. They are throwing a drowning man a rope but refuse to pull him ashore. Rather than raising people to true dignity these haves give the worlds have nots just enough to make them dependent but not enough to make them truly powerful because people of true economic power have the ability to then enact and not really be subject to the system and that is the last thing the creators of the system want.

So the conspiracy continues and most of the worlds rich and powerful its not a conspiracy of action but a conspiracy of silence and say nothing of a social and economic system which rewards a corporate execute over 70 million bonus for increasing sales of a soft drink when 70 million people cant afford the luxury of drinking it, much worse eating well enough to stay healthy and they don’t see the obscenity of it and they call this the worlds free market economy and tell everyone how proud you are of it.

It is written that if thou will be perfect go so with thou hast and give to the poor and thou shall have treasure in heaven. 





The Humanity Project Mission Statement: 

The Humanity Project will create fully sustainable Eco Communities all around the world and give free and affordable rent to buy homes to everyone who needs and would like one including free electricity, free wifi and free food and drink for one and all. Ending poverty, homelessness and modern-day slavery. The project will naturally produce multiple income revenues and all money made will be put back into the communities to provide jobs for people who want to work and maintain and grow each project successfully. 

How Everything Works

To make things easier for you to understand we have included diagrams to make things easier for you to picture. We will start with purchasing a large square piece of land. Split the land into four quarters for housing with a large fifth overlapping section in the middle for community needs. We will also purchase another large piece of land as needed next to the project for expansion and farming. See illustration below.

Eco Homes: 

Each Eco home will come with free electricity and wifi and an aquaponics system. (See illustration below)

The Aquaponics systems will grow whatever fruit and vegetables are needed plus Tilapia fish as a source of protein for the projects eateries to provide free meals for everyone 24 hours a day. The free Eco homes will go to the homeless and people who need them. The rent to buy Eco homes will be to encourage average people to move into our communities as they will be rentable for cheaper than the average market cost in the area and after a fixed period they will own their Eco home AND it comes with no bills and free electricity/wifi, food and drink for life. This brings in a monthly revenue for the project. The Eco homes for sale will be for people who want to buy one for them/their family and create a forever ancestor home. To encourage this we will sell them for below the average market rate in that area and they also get the previously mentioned benefits plus much more. This brings in capital for the town and regenerates the money put in so we can expand the project as needed and create other Humanity Projects in different locations, making it scale-able like any good franchise.

Other Natural Add On’s:

Sustainable energy (Wind, Solar, Bio-fuel) Clean water (Rain capture, borehole) Industrial and Medical Hemp Cultivation, Algae Production and Mushroom growing all have massive benefits for everyone and add more revenue streams for the project and the people. Please see illustration below.

Community Areas:

The community areas will consist of free restaurants, bars, community centers for learning and community groups, exercise areas etc and whatever people want/need. We plan to add to the community areas with the help from the work and information put out there by Buckminster Fuller and the One community. We are literally creating Eden (Heaven on Earth!) Check them out in our friends section. 

Expansion/Farming Land:

This piece of land is for the development of any extra things that benefit the project such as rice growing, recreational parks, sports areas or music venues etc as needed.

Our Platform:

As part of our development we will also be building you an online platform like Ebay or Amazon for people living in Eco communities to make money doing the things they love. As there will be no need to work to survive everyone living in our community will be free to do what they want with their lives. If they want to make extra money they can by selling music, art, home made items like perfumes and fragrances and much more!

How Can You Help?

If you would like to be involved and think you can help in some way or have any good ideas to share with us then please feel free to join our Facebook community and contact us, were all in this this together… #OneRaceTheHumanRace

The Humanity Project:
Location Uganda.

Check out The Humanity Projects first location and people we have been trying our best to help and will continue to do so in the future. Kaslue Isaac has been helping local homeless children who don't have any families to help them to survive in Busika, Uganda for years.

Kaslue helps to feed, educate and take care of the children by meeting their every day needs and they all go to a Christian Jehovah church every Sunday and pray that the world and the people help them to live and build a community together where they all share everything especially the love!

I have been helping in anyway I can but I cant meet all their needs on my own at this moment in time ? - they only need about $600 a month for all the food and basics, so if you would like to help them too please click the button below! A big thank you from me, Kaslue and the 80+ children depending on us!