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The Humanity Project Mission Statement: 

The Humanity Project will create fully sustainable Eco Communities all around the world and give free and affordable rent to buy homes to everyone who needs and would like one including free electricity, free wifi and free food and drink for one and all. Ending poverty, homelessness and modern-day slavery. The project will naturally produce multiple income revenues and all money made will be put back into the communities to provide jobs for people who want to work and maintain and grow each project successfully. 

How Everything Works

To make things easier for you to understand we have included diagrams to make things easier for you to picture. We will start with purchasing a large square piece of land. Split the land into four quarters for housing with a large fifth overlapping section in the middle for community needs. We will also purchase another large piece of land as needed next to the project for expansion and farming. See illustration below.

Eco Homes: 

Each Eco home will come with free electricity and wifi and an aquaponics system. (See illustration below)

The Aquaponics systems will grow whatever fruit and vegetables are needed plus Tilapia fish as a source of protein for the projects eateries to provide free meals for everyone 24 hours a day. The free Eco homes will go to the homeless and people who need them. The rent to buy Eco homes will be to encourage average people to move into our communities as they will be rentable for cheaper than the average market cost in the area and after a fixed period they will own their Eco home AND it comes with no bills and free electricity/wifi, food and drink for life. This brings in a monthly revenue for the project. The Eco homes for sale will be for people who want to buy one for them/their family and create a forever ancestor home. To encourage this we will sell them for below the average market rate in that area and they also get the previously mentioned benefits plus much more. This brings in capital for the town and regenerates the money put in so we can expand the project as needed and create other Humanity Projects in different locations, making it scale-able like any good franchise.

Other Natural Add On’s:

Sustainable energy (Wind, Solar, Bio-fuel) Clean water (Rain capture, borehole) Industrial and Medical Hemp Cultivation, Algae Production and Mushroom growing all have massive benefits for everyone and add more revenue streams for the project and the people. Please see illustration below.

Community Areas:

The community areas will consist of free restaurants, bars, community centers for learning and community groups, exercise areas etc and whatever people want/need. We plan to add to the community areas with the help from the work and information put out there by Buckminster Fuller and the One community. We are literally creating Eden (Heaven on Earth!) Check them out in our friends section. 

Community Examples:

Here are some examples from the one world group of how we can live and what we can do. The possibilities and opportunities are endlessly abundant for us all. See below.

Expansion/Farming Land:

This piece of land is for the development of any extra things that benefit the project such as rice growing, recreational parks, sports areas or music venues etc as needed.

Our Platform:

As part of our development we will also be building you an online platform like Ebay or Amazon for people living in Eco communities to make money doing the things they love. As there will be no need to work to survive everyone living in our community will be free to do what they want with their lives. If they want to make extra money they can by selling music, art, home made items like perfumes and fragrances and much more!

How Can You Help?

If you would like to be involved and think you can help in some way or have any good ideas to share with us then please feel free to join our Facebook community and contact us, were all in this this together… #OneRaceTheHumanRace

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