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Check out The Humanity Projects first location and people we have been trying our best to help and will continue to do so in the future. Kaslue Isaac has been helping local homeless children who don’t have any families to help them to survive in Busika, Uganda for years. You can check them out and see what they are up to every week in their Telegram group Click anywhere here! 

Kaslue helps to feed, educate and take care of the children by meeting their every day needs and they all go to a Christian Jehovah church every Sunday and pray that the world and the people help them to live and build a community together where they all share everything especially the love!

I have been helping in any way I can but I can’t meet all their needs on my own at this moment in time 🙁 – they only need about $600 a month for all the food and basics so if you would like to help them too please click the button below! A big thank you from me, Kaslue and the 80+ children depending on us!

Make A One Off Donation OR Make A Monthly Donation Of Your Choice ❤

This year for my Birthday I let them have the party and the Birthday cake and drinks for me – I think it made them very happy!

I also gave them enough money to buy all the seeds they needed when their growing season started before they were too late!

Now they have lots of food growing for the future, they need food now though!

I also helped contribute to the hospital fees when Kizza had an accident bless him! He needed us! We were there 🙂
Don’t worry Kizza is okay now and smiling again, thanks to the people that helped! But accidents happen and without the money to treat them they can die when they shouldn’t have to! 🙁


If you would like to support The Humanity Project you can easily by purchasing products from our affiliates.

Take a look at what we have to offer and if you like something, treat yourself and we will pay it forward!


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